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Club 60 – a birthday folly

Yowzer, it’s come upon us, the beginning of the 60th decade. First to go a special friend – so she needed a special present. It is a complete folly,  intended to be crazy, never serious, and to make you laugh.  all the things that life should be, when life doesn’t get in the way.



The box was padded and then covered.  Glittery braid was handsewn around the box and beaded.  Fringing was added at the end.  The lid of the box was also padded and covered, then some sequin/bead decoration added.   The tassels and rosette were from the workroom stash, and were just the perfect colourings.


The inside of the box was given a bright pink (what ‘girl’ doesn’t love pink!), top and bottom padded liner, with pink bobbles.   The monogram was made from wire then beaded and fastened with stitching.  Alas, the top of the box no longer fitted easily (duh!), so had to be attached with pink ribbon.  (I had planned hinges,  but the cardboard box inner wasn’t thick/strong enough to screw the hinge into – bugger!)   When opened, the box had a tendency to topple backwards,  so had to hide some weights under the bottom liner to balance it.

Definitely a present like no other!


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Just about to update the blog, months late of course, and found this sitting in Drafts.   Oops.  Goodness knows how long it has been there, waiting for the day to burst upon the world.   And do you know what,  I STILL haven’t decided what is going to go inside it!!  How bad am I.

This fabric box was inspired by lots of fabric leftovers that I have had sitting around for too long.   it was made a few months ago,   but sat there on my desk waiting for a closure.   Until today.    Made the “dangle” from some of the red silk fabric used on the box.  The top is a d-ring covered with embroidery thread with beading hanging from the bottom.  The beads are a selection from my collection, including a swavorski pearl and crystal.   Lining is purple felt with a padded insert at the bottom of the box.   Now,  what shall i put in it???



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