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I was given a doll made with twigs, some paper mache and printed fabric.   It is quirky and fun.   And I had a ‘hmmmmm’ moment.   Plus we were gathering autumn twigs for the fire and it just seemed to all come together.

I then made some fimo faces (from a Sculpey mould) and painted them.  The wondrous thing about making these dolls is that you can use the smallest pieces of fabric.  And that’s a great thing when one has a mountain of small pieces of fabric!   I wanted to use beautiful fabric – so far the dolls have been made with pieces of silk, sari silk, dmc threads, a variety of ribbons and of course I just couldn’t help myself – a wee bit of beading.   Coming together nicely I think.




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Oops,  how bad is that,  this is the first post for 2015.   Life has been busy,  the inspiration not always there, so the creative side has been a bit dormant.   Made a few fabric patchwork rugs just for us –  and not really a lot else until the last few weeks.  Had the usual Saturday evening surf on the net and found some inspiration to get me going again.   Decided to create some larger pieces that can be hung – these have an Angel theme and will be great for Christmas time, or any other time – always good to have a bit of glitter somewhere no matter what time of year it is!   The art dolls are made from recycled fabrics and embellishments, with some hand embroidery and hand beading.

These have a heavier backing which I think provides a better base for hanging.  Just need to find the best way to hang them.

This one is called Life is a Wonderful Fairytale:


and here is the back, which has been painted red and gold.


The next art doll is Speak the Language of Angels.  The stars are all handworked (both sides) with sequins and beads.


Back of Speak the Language of Angels:


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Some time ago I was lucky enough to purchase a mega stash of fabric sample books.   Some of them are quite heavy furnishing fabric and not quite right to use for the usual sewing projects.    But the colours are wonderful and I am really loathe to pass them on.   So I thought a rustic rug might be just the thing.  I sewed the pieces onto a backing of a recycled wool batting from a vintage obi and then onto a thickish cotton.  Once all sewn I then embroidered over the seams with red wool and sewed a red twill tape around the edges.    It’s  a bit rough and ready,  as it was a quick experiment,  but I am happy with the result and may just do another (there’s definitely plenty of fabric).     For now it will sit on the floor of the guest bedroom, although I think Belle, our dog,  would like to lay claim to it.

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